Each time I see a lovely proposal online I find myself thinking, I wish I had a special proposal. How quickly I forget that I did have a lovely proposal!A little bit after I had moved to Chicago from Florida (because it’s where Christopher lived and dating long distance was a special kind of hell) we decided to head to Florida to spend Christmas with my Mom there. After our flight I went to visit my Aunt at the store she works at in the airport for a quick minute while Christopher held our luggage in a seating area. When I came back he pointed out that there was a film canister under a seat near us. Excited at the prospect of finding someone’s roll of film, I quickly grabbed it and gave it a shake. We were both excited about the treasure we came upon. I opened the canister to see if the world had gifted us a new roll of film or someones vacation photos. I dumped the canister in my hand and along with the roll of film was a little silver circle with bows printed on it. I didn’t realize what was happening at first but then I looked over at Christopher and he had a huge grin on his face. I smiled, got giddy and was asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and we rushed out to be greeted by my Mom.I was caught totally by surprise. It was such a sweet special moment!Today is our 3 year anniversary. I’m excited at the prospect of a trip to the Zoo, a movie or two and a day filled with good food and treats.In celebration of great wedding proposals you should read these! They are so cute and well thought out.Patrick Tobin and combines his love for instant films and for his gal in his proposal.I might think this was creepy if I didn’t love muppets so much.I hope you all have a wonderful day! XO