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You guys, I’ve found a dream. A tangible, real life, photo making dream machine. It is called The Polaroid Land Camera 195. But how does it differ from the other Land Camera models, you ask?

-it has an awesome 114mm lens

-the smallest aperture is 64 to largest, 3.8

-shutter speeds ranging from 1/500 to Bulb

-it is still a rangefinder focus camera much like the other Land Cameras and has the same design as well, but is a fully manual camera

-has a built in self timer (!!!!)

I bought mine from Cory at Landcameras.com / Rare Medium. If you live in Seattle do yourself a favor and visit his store! If you don’t, do yourself a favor and visit his online store! Cory refurbishes and sells Land Cameras of all kinds. My first experience with his handy work was when he re-hauled a sad looking 195 we had at A&A Studios when I worked there. I have regretted not buying that camera since we had it in the store. They are rather hard to come by in the condition that Cory sells them in, so when he had one in stock I quickly snatched it up!

As if the camera wasn’t beautiful enough in all of its restoration glory, it came with a Gordy’s camera strap which is well crafted and so dapper! Definitely a rad touch.

I am over the moon with my new toy. Definitely the most exciting camera purchase I’ve made in a long while. I am doubly excited to be taking this one with me to photograph Paris! 

Do you shoot with a Land Camera? What is your favorite model? I kind of skipped them. My first experience with pack film was a Square Shooter and I went right to the Mamiya Universal after that. Would love to hear about the different models.


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